Conference Speakers

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Divyesh Jadav

BM Research Dr. Divyesh Jadav manages the Cloud, IoT & Systems Lifecycle Analytics department at IBM's Almaden Research Center. He received a B.E. degree from Mumbai University (India) in 1992 and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Syracuse University in 1995 and 1997, respectively, all in Computer Engineering. His research interests are in the area of management and performance analysis of distributed and parallel systems, with an emphasis on storage. Since joining the IBM Research in 1997, Dr. Jadav has led or contributed to innovations in several IBM products such as ServRAID adapters, XIV storage, Tivoli TotalStorage Productivity Center, GPFS, multiple Cloud offerings, Watson Agent Assist, and the IBM GTS Technical Support Appliance. Dr. Jadav's recent work focuses in delivering productivity enhancing analytics to IBM services offerings, and designing and building end-to-end solutions at the confluence of Mobile Computing, Internet-Of-Things, and Blockchain technology. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and the recipient of multiple IBM Research Division and Outstanding Technical Achievement awards. He has published over 20 technical papers and holds over 25 patents.

Fanjing Meng

Dr. Fanjing(Meg) Meng is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and research manager at IBM Research. She has 15+ years research experience in various areas including AIOps (AI for IT operations), Cognitive IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Cloud Transformation and Migration, Software/Solution Engineering, Project Portfolio Management and Optimization (PPMO), Domain Knowledge Management, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS). Her current research areas mainly focus on applying advanced analytics techniques (e.g. statistics, machine learning, deep learning) into large-scale system operational data – machine-generated data (e.g. metrics, logs, and events) and service management data (e.g. configurations, tickets, change requests). The research aims to provide predictive/proactive anomaly detection and root cause analysis for mission critical cloud/applications/systems of a thousand of clients.
She received numerous awards including awards of “Patent Plateau Award”, “High Value Patent Award”, “IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award” and "IBM Client Value Outstanding Technical Achievement Award". She is serving as the TPC chair and member for top international conferences and the reviewer of international journals. She has published 20+ papers and received the “Best Paper Award” from IEEE CLOUD 2013. She has 20+ patents and patent applications in various innovation areas.

Mike DiPetrillo

VMware Mike DiPetrillo is the Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies at VMware. In his most recent role he is responsible for advancing the innovations that VMware has made in blockchain with customers, partners, and through open standards. Mike has a long history of developing and launching new, industry changing initiatives at VMware including the initial launch of x86 virtualization with ESX, the initial launch of cloud technologies, cloud-based lab solutions with the VMware Learning Platform, and now blockchain. Prior to VMware Mike spent his time launching the first global VoIP networks, the first global search engines, and many other interesting technologies. When he’s not developing something new at VMware you can find Mike flying, golfing, or spending time at the beach.

Sandeep Gopisetty

Sandeep is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Director of AI, Systems & Solutions Research, and developing an IBM Services Strategy with over 25 years of IBM Research experience. I have a passion for nurturing high performance, global, multidisciplinary teams to bring innovation from Research to the market in collaboration with product groups, services, customers, and universities. As an IBM Research Executive, I build a shared vision across my organization to drive change through the novel use of technology to improve organizational transformation, performance, and profitability.
Sandeep's broad research portfolio has focused on enterprise-class technologies, solutions, and services in mobile, analytics, machine learning, internet of things, human computer interaction, storage and systems management, and image recognition. This work has resulted in multi-billion dollar improvements in IBM products and services.